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No interest in a trade so the offer is withdrawn.

I know there are owners of multiple BBS-1's out there - what would have enticed you to trade one?

CONUS only
This ad is for a trade.

I own a BBS-1 and would like to give another BBS-1  as a gift to a friend who is retiring. James hasn't gotten back about the BBS-2 (if there is going to be such a beast) and I'm running out of time. I don't want to spend more money on other razors (and I don't think he'd like the Wolfman) so I'm going to make a very foolish offer.  Both of these razors are sitting on a shelf in my closet. I'd rather someone who wants them have them and I get a BBS-1 back I can give to a friend who is retiring. 

You must be a active member in good standing. Shipping must be insured and tracked. Send photos of the BBS-1 including one showing the serial number.

About the razors:

The Wolfman WR1 is the DC model. I am the second owner and I believe it has the standard gap size - I was never told differently. It has the large WRH1 handle (4", I think 125g). There are some minor scratches on the top plate and the bottom of the handle - I believe they could be buffed out on top if it really bothered you, but it never bothered me so they've been there since I obtained the razor a couple of years ago. The bottom nicks may be a bit harder to remove, but not impossible.

I've tried to show these in the photos below.

The Darwin is the Std model in beautiful cobalt steel. Very nice shape for a razor that is probably 80+ years old. Hard to find nowadays.

The best of the past and the present.

[Image: e5iBfBx.jpg][Image: S8AOhSh.jpg][Image: HmtD9qI.jpg][Image: XbWxmSK.jpg][Image: eS4jzsv.jpg][Image: ZnukOyS.jpg][Image: 8SPh3EX.jpg]

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