04-10-2018, 01:39 PM
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Good day to all, Hope everyone is doing great.

I have for sale the following.  All are vintage and some one of one, pre Brad Sears collaboration.  100% Sabini

Additionally is an original Shavemac Ebonite, this brush was one of 5 in the initial inquisition to Bernd if this was possible.

Finally is a Shavemac Americana XL 30mm 2 band

All Brushes have sold.

Morris & Forndran L7  26mm $275
[Image: axxM2gB.jpg]

Morris & Forndran jade Chief 26mm gel tip $235
[Image: nXIOwQD.jpg]

2014 Morris & Forndran briar 2XL 28mm $245
[Image: CIVmKX4.jpg]

Shavemac American XL 30mm $200
[Image: 1iEiyDa.jpg]

Shavemac Ebonite 30mm DO1 2 band  Paid $425  today $275
[Image: wAjlkMn.jpg]
[Image: JOYWZmo.jpg]

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 04-10-2018, 04:07 PM
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 04-10-2018, 04:32 PM
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Good Evening,

Would you be interested in a trade for the Shavemac American? I have a first run Tradere that is too aggressive for me.  I used a few times when I first bought it (I am the original owner). 

[Image: PV5qAbw.jpg]

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