04-15-2018, 06:10 AM
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Some of you may have seen these and thought "What is it, how does it work, why do I need that?"
Well, I did , so I bought one. Now I can't say about all the different makers out there, so I'll comment 
on the one I have. First, what is it? It's just a thick cream. Second, how does it work? Spread a small amount on
your shaven face and rub in. Simple, easy? Not for me, the rubbing in is the harder part, a cream/ balm
rubs in better. BUT.. Lightbulb barely moisten face and THEN apply. Works much better. Smile
Why do you need this? If you travel, less chance of breaking. Military, real Combat Military.
In my Army career, we had Colgate tooth powder in our kit(add water it made toothpaste)
Never used it, but I had to have it, just like a puck of Williams and a brush. Never used it
but it was part of the kit. So, I got it....Don't think I'll use it often/ever, unless I travel
great distance with a pack on my back.... Confused
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