04-15-2018, 05:21 PM
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Please Archive - Here are two items offered today that I do not find myself reaching for in the den.  First up, RR Wunderbar Slant in pristine condition.  I am the original owner of this great razor.  I purchased the razor in the fall of last year and used it a few times but my Weber razors receive my attention.  Sells for $130 when in stock.  Yours for $109 shipped CONUS.  SOLD

Next is a Somerset era Simpson PJ2 Super Badger Brush with the lamp-blacking print.  The print has faded over time but the brush is in great condition.  The knot is 22mm with a loft of 52mm and a handle height of 56mm.  The super badger does not offer scritch and does not provide significant backbone.  It is not a shedder and the brush has been in my den for a few years.  A new PJ2 Super retails for approximately $160 and this vintage brush is offered at $114 shipped CONUS.

Pricing is for PayPal with shipping CONUS.  PM with any questions.

[Image: IpcA0uv.jpg]

[Image: 9H7unrA.jpg]

[Image: nSyh0kU.jpg]

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 04-15-2018, 06:12 PM
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That PJ2 is CURVY! Beautiful.

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