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I have a couple Gem 1912 razors that appear to be identical except for the length of the lather catcher tang at the back (see photos).  One is long, and one is short.  They have identical markings and identical handles.  Neither (for example) is marked as a Gem Junior or anything different.

Anyone have any information about the differing two models?  For example, was Gem producing them simultaneously and positioning them differently in the marketplace?  Was one earlier than the other?

[Image: fiOnaDJ.jpg]
[Image: VyZRQYm.jpg]

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 04-19-2018, 07:23 AM
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I've read something about those. I remember users reporting the one on the right being more aggressive, and some discussion about the smaller profile being a modification to fit cool travel and storage boxes. Will come back if find the thread over at B&B (I believe).

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(04-22-2018, 12:24 PM)lloydrm Wrote: Here you go. http://theshaveden.com/forums/threads/wh...zor.53393/

Thanks.  The OP in that thread notes the size difference, but then the conversation drops the issue.  I'm still hoping someone knows why one head was shorter, whether the two sized heads were marketed differently, and if one came before the other.

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 04-22-2018, 10:10 PM
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There are several versions of the 1912

The ones I know of are:
Flat top cap (the part that touches your face)
Slightly curved top cap
Curved top cap
More curved top cap
Art-Deco handle is from the 20's, and there are probably variations with that handle as well.
I've got an Art Deco handle and a 'more curved top' and they shave differently. IMO the more curved top is the smoothest of the 1912 I've tried.
And I'm SURE there are more

In all of the Gem/EverReady there are a LOT of variations

1914 has a few variations as well. Some say "Patent Pending", etc etc. and they all shave differently.

1924 (shovelhead) has different comb (teeth?) shapes. Some being rounded off where it would touch your face, some squared off (squared off more harsh in my experience)

This is a minimal description of differences, but there are MANY variations of all of the Gem/EverReady single edge razors, including 'Made In England' versions, which from my understanding are more aggressive/harsh(?) for some.

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