04-20-2018, 01:08 PM
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Eagerly awaiting my order of Rex Ambassador to arrive.
As I travel a lot, I need a good carry case to protect my investment.
I prefer something more robust than leather.
I've found two cases that I like:

My first preference is Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Carrying Case by Khanka
Any one who has Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor and Rex Ambassador can confirm or refute that the Rex Ambassador will fit in a case designed for Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor?
[Image: 819K0mw8zlL._SX522_.jpg]

Also, does anyone know if this case is sold anywhere in Canada?

My second preference is the Pearl Plastic Carry Case.
Any idea where this could be purchased in Canada?

[Image: ?url=www.pearlshaving.com%2Fimages%2FPro...281%29.jpg]

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 04-21-2018, 05:35 AM
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I think that zipper case is a better choice than the pearl plastic case. I had a pearl case that cracked and the hinge broke with light use. Frugal shave on Etsy has some nice tin razor cases.

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 04-21-2018, 06:06 AM
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I think Matt had mentioned that he will be making a case specifically for the Rex. You may want to ping him and inquire.

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 04-21-2018, 10:55 AM
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Try using an clamshell hard eyeglass case with a couple cleaning cloths to fill up any empty space.

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 04-22-2018, 05:42 AM
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Edwin Jagger makes a case that would probably fit it just fine. It also looks pretty nice too.

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 07-01-2018, 03:00 PM
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The Frugalshave was at the Big East Shave meet last weekend and they make a metal case for the rex. Really very nice. Go to Etsy, Frugalshave and check it out. Very good price. They gave one to Matt at the Shave Emporium and he was very impressed.

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