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This brush was made as a commemoration for TSN fifth anniversary. It is a Two Band, Silvertip Badger bulb shaped brush set in a Butterscotch beehive handle. The brush is said to have soft tips, moderate backbone, and good flow through. The brush has a Diameter of 26mm with a loft of 50mm. The brush was used only twice and is not even broken in yet. Brush sells new for $165.Let me stress. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the brush. I am used to Silvertips that are a bit floppy. I like Kents and I like Thaters that have high lofts. I also have quite a few brushes and do not want to spend time breaking in a brush. This brush has a little too much backbone and obviously needs breaking in. I would rather let someone else do the job. I would not try to sell anything on BST that was less than excellent without describing any faults the item might have. In addition, I am also offering a lightly used ATT Bamboo SE SS razor.I find lately I am very partial to Gemm style razors and this razor has not been getting much use in the past year. Each of the two items are in like new condition. The Thater TSN LE sells for $165. The Razor sells for $185. Take both for a package price of $275.
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