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Want to trade my Rooney Finest 3/1 faux ebony.  I have decided I like the style 1 & 2 handles better and am looking for equally hard to find items.

This brush is pillow soft once lather is made.  Just a tiny hint of scritch atbthe start, with superb backbone. Makes the best lather of any non-Rooney Finest brush I own.

Knot measures 22.8mm x 49.7mm.  This brush is NOT floppy at all. Has not shed a single hair in my possession.

Brush is second from left in group pictures.

I'd be interested in:
Rooney Finest Style 1 Size 2 any color
M&F with Rooney Finest knots in any color (No Victorian handles)
Wolfman Titanium Razor
Wolfman Polished Razor
Declaration B4 or B1 Brushes prefer color handles in Washington or Jefferson.
Simpson 2-band super 2011 or 2012
Charcoal Goods level 1 with hand hammered handle.
Tradere SB Razor
Original Darwin Razor
Anything else of equal rarity.

Please note, just because something is listed above doesn't mean it's a straight trade for that item. I can work both ways.

PM all trade offers. I'll consider all of them.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: 6739731640eb1ff600d6abcdd9c785ea.jpg][Image: b181dce225c50539f453442f9d420781.jpg][Image: fb0bb8ab31a236b84a73256edffd18e4.jpg][Image: 70409f6aa8cc741000bc5fd4701eae9a.jpg][Image: 83503e417b82c6d3cbeb03e35e5128f8.jpg]

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