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Letting go of a few things tonight.  If you have any questions please shoot me a pm.  Prices include shipping, conus only please.

Barbaros TR-1 in very good shape.  Paid roughly $160, asking $110 shipped.  Sold!

MDC Fougere, Huile Vegetal (each used twice), along with a tub of original Klar Kabinett and tub of I Coloniali.  The Klar is probably just under 8 ounces and was used a couple of times and the I Coloniali was two pucks pressed into one contaiiner (used twice).  The containers are 8 ounce containers.  Any questions please let me know.

Paid $124.90 for the MDC just a few weeks ago, and the Klar and I Coloniali aren't made any more and I can't remember what I paid new for them.  Asking $109 SOLD!!

[Image: 7rJ2Hmz.jpg]

[Image: cU2fAvp.jpg]

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