05-08-2018, 05:13 AM
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Selling this bundled due to high shipping cost.
No trades, please.

7 DR Harris shaving cream - unused
4 GFT shaving cream - unused
2 GFT shaving cream tubes - unused
1 TF&H shaving cream - unused
1 Maca root shaving cream (made by the same company, that makes the TF&H cream, so same high quality) - unused
4 of the best shaving stick you can get, if not THE Top 4 best shaving sticks there is: Speick, la Toja, Tabac and Valobra tallow - all unused
1 Semogue Boar cherry, handwashed once, never used.

Bonus: 2 Haslinger shaving soaps in 2 matching wooden pots, both unused. Scharfmilch and coconut scents.

Price new: $500-$550
My price, which includes shipping to Europe, US and Canada: $250 shipped

[Image: ADCw5SY.jpg]
[Image: 21fNdRX.jpg]
[Image: vcOyLZN.jpg]

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 05-08-2018, 04:28 PM
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Holy creamville!!! Awesome offering. I want the Eucris and Spanish Leather! jealous of whoever gets this deal!

Very generous C man!

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