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Hello my friends on Shave Nook,

Hope you all are well today. I am trying to sell this item before I leave for the weekend. I tried to price it to move. Today the listing includes a variety a photos from the latest lathering. It should give you an idea of a few things in my opinion. Hopefully you will see the condition of the brush as well as how certain aspects appear during lathering and as well as how it is blooming after less than 10 cleaning lathers. I am the second owner of this brush but the previous owner from my memory said he didn't shave with it and neither have I. It has only been hand lathered by me 4 times.

Normally I include the detailed knot size, loft height, bloom width and canopy height. Tonight, I am doing my best to get all the photos up and I may be able to take accurate measurements tomorrow. Anyways, I do believe the estimated knot diameter is 25mm and loft height of 52mm. The hair chosen for the knot I believe is untreated  2 band hair which maintains a certain amount of firm face feel even while doing circles and some painting strokes around the capony. I think this has more to do with the mild point in the shape of the canopy which has a slight point. You can keep the hair somewhat pointed at the skin with controlling your pressure into the breach. If you don't press too hard, it will remain tighter.

If you begin applying more pressure into the knot while on the skin, you can get the bloom and slight splay to the knot. This knot isn't a lather hog, but I think you can keep the lather building and gathering with the knot and on the face. When applying the lather on the skin using the deeper painting strokes, the lather exits smoothly and along the face. That is what I would recommend finishing with in order to apply the best crema on the skin.

The hair being a thicker has the ability to offer some gentle scrub through balance in density. You can move the lather in the knot as the free loft is generous. The knot in my opinion has been crafted with care. The tips show a variety of naturally tapering tips rather than white and curl ended (gel tip). This brush on a level of softness to me shows no sign of scritch to my face. The hair seems to hold the soft ends with firmness and presence on the face through thicker shaft versus silver tip grade.

Selling to a CONUS address (shipping via USPS) for ($95 Paypal Goods and Services). I would like to get this shipped asap (within 1.5 days) before I leave for the weekend. If you are looking for a 2 band to try that is different than what the normal knots are like right now, check out the detail shots of the hair. Let me know if you have any questions.

[Image: 0LjAcqL.jpg]

[Image: LibSLlN.jpg][Image: d0ARoRq.jpg]

[Image: 6nexmQJ.jpg]
[Image: rw1THV1.jpg]
[Image: 1l3DGfS.jpg]
[Image: 1igyG4k.jpg]

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(05-17-2018, 01:43 AM)zaclikestoshave Wrote: [Image: sedRVtI.jpg]

[Image: wVsr8KL.jpg]

[Image: LSGySb7.jpg]

[Image: Iwbh3DW.jpg]
[Image: 3PbZhGl.jpg]

[Image: 9m4igFT.jpg]

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Awesome detailed and informative post, GLWTS.

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