05-19-2018, 04:54 PM
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I have 9  7   5   4 CRSW soaps for sale, including some of the original stamped/embossed cans. Some of the cans have some dents/dings, but most of the soaps have been used just a handful of times and there is plenty of soap left in each can. Over time, some of the soaps have shrunk and lost a noticeable amount of size/weight. I bought these as part of a larger CRSW lot, but I have way too many soaps, and I’ll never use these.

 Most of these soaps are no longer available. The original Embossed cans came with 6.5 oz, the Paradise (TSN) came with 6 oz. 
Current price for CRSW Select soaps is $18 ($20 for Tropicos).  I'd like to keep it in the continental US and sell all 9 for $80  7 for $60  5 for $40 4 for $30(including shipping). That's a little less than  $9  $8  $7.50 per can for some really good soap.

  • Barbiere Sapone                                 2.9 oz.             Unavailable
  • Bay Rum (embossed can)                  5.1 oz.             Sells for $18 for the newer 4 oz. can
  • Colonia Mediterrania (Oliva)               3.4 oz.             Unavailable 
  • Jardin d'Orange                                  2.6 oz.             Unavailable
  • Lavender (embossed can)                  5.5 oz.             Unavailable
  • Paradise (Shave Nook Edition)          4.8 oz.             Unavailable
  • Savon No. 1                                        3.4 oz.             Sells for $18
  • Tropicos (white plastic jar)                                          Sells for $20
  • Vetyver Fresco v.2                              3.1 oz.             Unavailable

[Image: 8rZBIhcl.jpg]

[Image: G60b6Vkl.jpg]

An example of the shrinkage (this one is probably the worst of them):
[Image: u31ZnX9l.jpg]

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 05-22-2018, 07:35 AM
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Colonia Mediterrania is SOLD
Tropicos is is SOLD

I will sell the remaining 7 for $60 shipped.
Will update the original post tonight.

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 05-24-2018, 02:45 AM
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Paradise and Vetyver Fresco are sold.

Take the remaining 5 for $40.

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 05-31-2018, 05:39 PM
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Jardin d'Orange is sold.

Take the last 4 for $30.  

I'm also open to trades for other soap or cream, but in the interest of reducing what I have, I prefer something where I would trade 2 (or more) for one of higher value.

[Image: koRrJgdl.jpg]

[Image: R8bls31l.jpg]

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 06-01-2018, 06:19 PM
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All sold, except Bay Rum, which will go back to the den for now.

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