05-22-2018, 05:28 AM
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Someone PIFed me a Stirling synthetic shave brush and I have to say I'm amazed at its performance.  My Vie-Long horse hair barber-style brushes, although they remain my go-to ones, just don't whip up a voluminous lather no matter what I do.  But the Stirling synthetic gives me so much volume I find myself having to scale back the amount of water I normally use with the natural bristles because otherwise I get so much lather it's ridiculous.  I noticed that the synthetic bristles soak up and hold water much more than the natural bristles including badger and boar.

I had heard that synthetics weren't as good as the natural hair brushes, but apparently, at least with Stirling, that doesn't seem to be true.  What has been your experience with the Stirling brushes?

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 05-23-2018, 05:23 PM
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My Stirling Lil Brudder 22mm shaving brush is the best one I've had in my 4 years of D.E. shaving.  Whips up a thicker lather with less product than my best silver tips, feels great on my face, dries quickly and is inexpensive to purchase.  I love this brush so much that I purchased a second one and got rid of all my other brushes.

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 05-24-2018, 03:04 AM
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I’m soon also giving a Stirling 24 mm Synthetic to a Gentleman here.
He’s in for a surprise.

These brushes are amazing value.
I still think the 26 mm Kong is the best Synthetic brush I have tried/owned and I have tried 50+ now.

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