05-27-2018, 11:33 AM
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BEAUTIFUL GEOFF ANDERSON 26MM EBONITE/With Amber band. 2 Band 26mm Manchurian excellent backbone, dense knot with soft tips. A REAL BEAUTY!!!
Retail price $200. Sale price $160. Brand new only hand lathered to clean knot. FREE shipping Conus, International shipping available extra charge [Image: cd1c926339f5b97e14349b5cd948a2df.jpg][Image: 31e0841943fe151ac8214398263499cb.jpg][Image: f91ae864cc505c7d8099308c16954e8e.jpg][Image: 1a18fe906152b38c09d0b1b00bb70407.jpg][Image: 0619e91832d01a5775b2a408cc43d13b.jpg]

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