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Now I'll never get a beehive... Tongue

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(06-01-2018, 05:06 PM)Paladin Shaving Wrote:
(06-01-2018, 02:38 PM)TheLegalRazor Wrote: That beehive will look amazing once it's polished.  Ken, you may have to make a run of these.

To tell the truth, we more or less already did. We made about a dozen beehives early last year that sold out pretty fast. Problem was beehives take us significantly longer to turn, sand, and polish, so I put off making more until I could get caught up, which never happened. Cody and I started talking around mid-last year about doing a small Beehive LE in the spring. Then, I ordered the Honey Noire material. It seemed perfect for beehives, and we decided to wait for it to be delivered. 

About six weeks ago I started the Paladin Shaving Round Table group on Facebook, which has shaped up very nicely so far. Not quite two weeks ago I posted the beehive photo above in that group. Not-so-long-story-short, the LE just came together there spontaneously of its own will over a day or two. Cody and I had started out thinking about making 20-25 Honey Noire LE Beehives and offering them more broadly. But we had over 50 requests inside the group within a day of starting a list. We decided to take it up to 65 (which will become my age in August). Those have all already been committed.

We're working on turning and sanding the handles now. Cody designed the engraving and made a prototype (my LXV; we're using Roman numerals), which came back in the mail today.

Unfortunately, the HNB LE is already over-subscribed. But we'll be making some other Beehives, including a few (maybe a handful) turned from Honey Noire outside the LE (i.e., no special engraving). I expect they'll start showing up in late June or early July.

Here are front and bottom photos of the HNB LE prototype.

[Image: P6012200_zpsv5e0spi6.jpg]

[Image: P6012203_zpszxy3y7zq.jpg]

Wow! Just stunning. My bad, arrived late.

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