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WUNDERBAR LIMITED EDITION RAZOROCK DLC SLANT- Not longer available. In excellent condition used 2x
Retail price I paid $160 I am the original owner I am selling it for $150
Beautiful razor, brand new. Precision-engineered slant head design with DLC coating plus a sweet polished titanium handle.

Benefits of the DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating:

Low Friction:  The DLC coating greatly reduces the friction and increases the lubricity while shaving allowing the razor to glide across your skin with ease.

Corrosion and Stain Protection:  All metals over time will oxidize and stain, even high grade stainless steel.  The DLC coating protects the stainless steel from corrosion, oxidation and tea staining, which is common when stainless steel is exposed to tap water, soap and different grades of steel blades.
Hardness:  The DLC coating is a proprietary diamond crystal coating that is extremely hard (like a diamond!).  This gives the razor increased scratch protection under normal use conditions, this also makes the razor easy to clean without worrying about scratches and damage.

Biocompatibility:  Raw stainless can cause a skin reaction for certain individuals because of the nickel content, this is why a lot of surgical tools have proprietary coatings on them.  The DLC eliminates any biocompatibility issues; it has even been tested on titanium dental implants in Germany. FREE shipping Conus International available

[Image: ae85e65084982b21fbd51ac6bcab79a0.jpg][Image: 6550c7bd704437feb2ef720000f3603e.jpg][Image: 4dff65f658c228d6eb123b70b2e54608.jpg][Image: d7305723aff175a5457c260020441e18.jpg]

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