05-30-2018, 07:52 PM
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"Everyone" knows about the Gillette Khaki kits from the Great War, but I hadn't heard about the Ever-Ready in khaki before now... so here is some pictures I found online.
[Image: YLD1_074.jpg?v=1493319677][Image: wwi-wwii-ever-ready-army-razor-kit_1_98a...3eaf72.jpg][Image: 3c143874d7ded1027c090d5411cee067.jpg][Image: YLD1_025.jpg?v=1467379246][Image: s-l300.jpg][Image: ec2b15d63dd727397b8e017225a44fe5.jpg][Image: Army%2BKit%2Bad.jpg]

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 05-30-2018, 09:09 PM
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Thanks for sharing this, I love how small the kits pack down!

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 05-31-2018, 08:52 AM
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I wonder what they used for a soap or cream in the field.

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