05-31-2018, 02:40 PM
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Looking to sell these two items. Never thought I would part with this brush, but I need to recoup some funds from a strop purchase. Ever Ready 350 TGN Finest \- 26mm set at 52mm lost. Wonderfully dense, soft hooked tips. Has never shed. RazoRock XXX UFO tub\- original release that put RR on the map. 75 grams of product remains. It hasn't been used in a while so the soap is firmer than usual. That also means there isn't a lot of water weight in the 75grams. Asking $50 shipped CONUS for both. $40 for just the brush. Not sure what the retail is.

\[Imgur\]\(https://i.imgur.com/1Eb46ig.jpg\) \[Imgur\]\(https://i.imgur.com/aFj7OQA.jpg\) \[Imgur\]\(https://i.imgur.com/7R7i3dR.jpg\) \[Imgur\]\(https://i.imgur.com/ObxQZF7.jpg\)

Will load easier to see pics when I figure how to from my phone.

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