06-02-2018, 07:37 AM
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Today I have several items for sale. All prices are inclusive of US shipping. International shipping discussed on case by case basis and will increase price accordingly. Payment by Paypal.  All brushes in excellent shape with no shedding issues. All brushes and the razor come with original boxes. 

I would possibly trade for Timeless solid bar head in .95 blade gap and/or the Timeless dimpled handle.

1. M&F L7 in Amber - Retail $200 - Asking $165 SOLD $150- 26/48 mm Finest bulb knot - Brad Sears collaboration.  Used less than 5 times. Knot is wonderfully scrubby, but with excellent flow through. Truly unique knot and hair.  However, it duplicates another brush I have in my collection.  

[Image: PHjMAdy.jpg]

[Image: w0wsR1V.jpg][Image: ytPZuOQ.jpg]

2. Simpson M7 in Ivory - Retail ???/Not currently available - Asking $125 SOLD - 25/50 mm Manchurian knot. I very recently purchased this brush on the forum. Used once by me, but just trying to fund some other purchases so letting this one go at the same great price I got it for. 

[Image: 9PgWFqD.jpg][Image: Vogqzhn.jpg][Image: fwlMLV3.jpg]

3. Paladin Winston in Jade - Retail $170 - Asking $135 SOLD - 26/51.5 mm finest 2CLNA4 knot. Used certainly less than ten times (maybe far less) and not in quite some time. Great chance to pick up a no longer available knot code. 

[Image: UuNkbng.jpg][Image: CMaYbiW.jpg]

[Image: ckadRHf.jpg]

4. Simpson 58 in Best - Retail $127 - Asking $70 SOLD - 24/48 mm knot. Very nicely packed. I am the second owner. Got a great deal from another member so passing it on. Used only a few times in total. Sticker was painted over with acrylic by original owner so its not going anywhere. Brushe is labeled best, but feels more like Super.  Really an outstanding knot. I just tend to prefer shorter handles and the knot duplicates a number of other brushes in my collection. 

[Image: XVKk7oW.jpg]

 [Image: bLhe0R2.jpg]

5. Muhle Rocca R96 Razor - Retail $100 - Asking $65 SOLD - Received in a trade from another member. Simply too many razors so this one must go. Ive only used it once I believe. Excellent condition.

 [Image: TCcozeD.jpg]

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 06-02-2018, 05:56 PM
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M7 and Paladin sold. Trade option added.

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 06-03-2018, 06:59 AM
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A few more photos of some of the remaining items with a little bit better light. 

[Image: Gp4FOY8.jpg][Image: nk2ntZ9.jpg][Image: kDOa6uu.jpg]
[Image: tVQVH43.jpg]

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 06-06-2018, 05:13 AM
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M&F L7 reduced to $150.

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