06-07-2018, 05:02 PM
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Hello TSN,

Today I am selling a new old stock vintage Plisson brush. I bought this months and months ago from a guy in France in a lot of 4 vintage Plissons. I may keep one or 2 but this is the first one up for sale. Let me know if you have interest in a bulk purchase. This brush currently is no longer in it's new old stock condition as I have been lathering it to remove the grey funk and see what the tips of the hairs really perform like in a clean, but yes, used condition. It has not been used in a shave but simply bowl lathered and hand lathered. 

I believe that everyone has seen threads where there is something to be said about 'older' Plisson made brushes but the newer ones may not be of the same quality. My bst listing hopefully gives a buyer the chance to see before purchasing a vintage Plisson what it actually will look like once in your possession. The knot has been only used with one soap, SV Flying Mango and this was in order to defunk the knot and clean the hair. It has been lathered 10 times now. The clear plexi while in my possession have been take care of to retain the degree of quality in the handle. 

The original packaging for this brush is a red backed ( with rubber band for the slot in handle). Unfortunately, there is a this plastic piece that was the topper and it was very torn up from the condition it was kept under for many years unused. I will be shipping the brush with the red backing but the brush will be in a cardboard brush tube with a bubble wrap.

I can ship to CONUS very easily and will cover shipping if in conus which includes tracking right after I ship. You can choose to pay additional for above $50 insurance (this is already included via USPS). If you are outside of CONUS, you will have to contact me to see what is available to you and what paperwork will have to be filled out. The selling price via paypal (service payment of course) is $150 USD. Let me know if you have any questions but below the brush details below.

Knot Diameter - 20.4 mm
Loft Height - 52.0mm
Canopy Height - 23.2mm
Bloom Width - 55.0mm

Handle Height -45mm
Handle Depth -30mm
Handle Width -34.5mm

[Image: CCJJuzp.jpg]

[Image: 7wPVCJ5.jpg]

[Image: F2ypRIj.jpg]

[Image: PSn7e3C.jpg]

[Image: VtvGHQg.jpg]

[Image: BWp5ZZF.jpg]

[Image: dKcevq6.jpg]

[Image: FK8zBep.jpg]

[Image: tJj8bqT.jpg]

[Image: TUBK0Be.jpg]

[Image: T9r2NCv.jpg]

[Image: yBKaq0e.jpg]

[Image: o339GLZ.jpg]

[Image: Ic4DRvb.jpg]

[Image: 7J0vQtt.jpg]

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 06-07-2018, 05:04 PM
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[Image: aJdtcmX.jpg]

[Image: pxlLtwQ.jpg]

[Image: 35N7KS2.jpg]

[Image: 2LGG1QY.jpg]

[Image: aiOvIvs.jpg]

[Image: PRK0735.jpg]

[Image: DTYRn8R.jpg]

(Mods, please note, the video below is linked simply to a youtube account with my same name used here and has not additional content on the channel. This is to be clear that the video is private is not being used for promotion outside of the bst sale.)

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 06-07-2018, 06:13 PM
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Sold! Thank you to the buyer and TSN!

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 06-08-2018, 04:58 PM
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Someone got a real bargain here Smile

Great pics and clip!

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