06-12-2018, 08:25 AM
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The LPL Barber lathers awesomely but the smell is faint pepperminty. Kinda expensive but big and dense  

Jabonman GEA, not sure what the notes are but everything about the soap is top shelf  Lathered better than the lpl imho  

Dead Sea is a salty citrus Mediterranean scent with visible salt. The guy from Italian Barber said this is his go-to . 

El Caballero from Oleo... Sweet scent, and if its as good as their other duck fat soaps it'll be aces. 

Talked to the owner, and apparently they are scrambling to get a website going because they realized they should have done that 2 years ago . 

Also Ill share my custom brush from Milton at Turn n Shave... I custom designed the entire thing to look like a Rolls Royce rb211 jet engine nacelle  Its going to have a synthetic tuxedo . 
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