06-14-2018, 05:06 PM
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I am selling 3 Paladins today.  See photos below.  They are all 26mm knots.  I am selling them because I have developed a preference for 28mm knots.  The 2CSLE4 knots are dense with nice backbone and gooey gel tips.  The 2CLND3 is like a pillow on the face--moderate density, moderate back bone, and pillow soft tips.  These are truly luxury knots.  I selling each for $110 shipping CONUS included.  They retail for $160.  Thanks for looking.  

[Image: okqTYxM.jpg]

[Image: Hs6OSjq.jpg]

[Image: dnJzC2Y.jpg]

[Image: tyFC02M.jpg]

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