06-15-2018, 07:48 AM
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Hi everyone - 


For sale are two Pilot (formerly Namiki) fountain pens, with medium nibs.  The Pilot Falcon is the pen in red and has a medium soft 14K gold nib plated in rhodium.  It is truly a delight to write with and feels like the ink just flows from it with virtually no effort.  It is a resin body with rhodium accenting; it weighs 19 grams overall so it is nice and light in the hands.  It has a piston-filling mechanism that I have thoroughly flushed.  The cap is postable.  This pen retails for $152 new.  I've only had it for a week.

Also for sale is the Pilot Metropolitan pen in a very mid-century/art deco turquoise color.  This is part of Pilot's Pop Retro collection.  It has a medium stainless steel nib in medium.  It has a lacquered metal body and weighs 26 grams overall.  It has a bladder-filling mechanism which I have also thoroughly flushed.  The cap is also postable.  It retails for $18-21 new and I've also had it for about a week.

I'm asking for $120 shipped for both.   All tallied, I have $182 spent in this package.  I have the display boxes and the original cover box for the Falcon.  I will also include the Parker Quink blue/black bottle of ink that's in the first photo as part of the set (retails for about $10).  I've filled both pens up with the ink once so the bottle is very full.  I will send everything via USPS Priority Mail with tracking for CONUS deliveries.  If you are international let me know and we can work something out regarding shipping and tracking options.

Thanks for looking,

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