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Letting go of a few things. Any questions please let me know. The prices include shipping. Conus only please.

Fourth & Pine cologne (missing 3 squirts) asking $39 shipped (paid $56.50 shipped)

Merkur 39c slant, used only 1 time, asking $35 shipped (paid $55 shipped) SOLD!!!

Ikon SBS head, used a couple times. There's a small cosmetic blemish on the right side of the head. Very small and not very noticeable. Asking $25 shipped.(paid $45 shipped)

Eufros Soaps Zanzibar used twice and Gia used once asking $39 shipped. (paid $53 shipped) SOLD!!!

T&S Himilaya soap and splash used twice, asking $33 shipped (paid $53 shipped) SOLD!!!

[Image: XVcKaXK.jpg][Image: JGGLskU.jpg][Image: ZdXKeHK.jpg][Image: oSkJokF.jpg][Image: UaWGjxP.jpg]

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