06-30-2018, 06:10 AM
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Saturday, June 30
[Image: 4P3sfVw.jpg]
[Image: DuCIRW5.jpg]Barrister & Mann~~Semogue Mistura~~'47 Super-Speed~~Personna 74 (3)
Have a great day!

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 06-30-2018, 06:31 AM
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Prep: Hot towel
Pre shave: Prep
Razor: Weber ARC
Blade: Gillette Bleue Extra
Brush: 'Jade' (Rooney Heritage 2XL Jade) 
Soap: Eleven 'Amber, Patchouli, & Oak' 
Post: Cold water rinse / Witch Hazel / Chatillon Lux 'Gratiot League Square' Post-Shave Salve

well, another outstanding, and totally enjoyable shave... this time, the GBE worked its magic with the Weber, and the super slick lather for today was provided by Eleven... yeah, this is a top quality soap, alright! Post shave duties were taken care of by Chatillon Lux.. yeah quality from start to finish!!

Prep: Hot towel
Pre shave: Prep
Razor: Merkur 34C HD
Blade: Gillette Bleue Extra
Brush: 'El Monstruo' (Romera Manchurian 30/50 Fan) 
Soap: Wholly Kaw: Fern Concerto
Post: Cold water rinse / Witch Hazel / L'Occitane Cade After Shave Balm 

a no nonsense shave... despite the rather underwhelming lather... the next time a Wholly Kaw soap comes around, I shall use a different brush, as I know I can do a lot better than that.... just one o' those days!

Prep: Hot towel
Pre shave: Prep
Razor: ‘The Rock’ (Rockwell 6S – #3) 
Blade: Gillette Bleue Extra
Brush: 'The Duke' (Duke 3 Best)
Soap: Local Gent: Fields & Streams
Post: Cold water rinse / Witch Hazel / Chatillon Lux Santal Auster Post-Shave Salve
Fragrance: Boadicea the Victorious 'Nemer'

Boom... now we're talking... BIG lather, lashings of BIG, slick lather, and another smooth shave... I'm not gonna push this blade any longer, as it has proved itself to be worthy of a bulk buy, when I can get my hands on some more... post shave is the usual Santal Auster Post-Shave Salve, simply because I love it so much, and Nemer is my fragrance of the day, because I'm worth it.. ;-)

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 06-30-2018, 08:20 AM
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Saturday AM 2018-06-30

Moss Anniversary Slate scuttle
Rooney 1/2 Faux Horn Finest (24/50)
Colgate Barber shaving soap (vintage)
Delta Echo Feather (Ink Edition)/Triad Diamond Aluminum Antique Bronze
Wilkinson Light Brigade (4)
Floris Santal aftershave
[Image: 1QWZPoV.jpg]

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 06-30-2018, 09:09 AM
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[Image: d5d6a8f446c092e7dbb6507b6a4504b9.jpg]

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 06-30-2018, 09:20 AM
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Simpson Chubby 2 manchurian badger; Tallo band Steel Sicily; ATT S2 Atlas; Personna (USA) #1; Tallow and Steel Sicily AS.
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 06-30-2018, 10:28 AM
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[Image: e650a3581f538239df189cf397db08aa.jpg]


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 06-30-2018, 11:22 AM
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Yoresh custom scuttle
Doug Korn custom badger brush
CRSW Select Citrus soap
Gillette pre war tech
Kai blade
Maggard alum
CRSW Vetiver Moderne aftershave

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 06-30-2018, 11:54 AM
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Prep: Razorock Pre Barba
Bowl: Fine
Brush: BSB 2 2-Band
Soap: Fitjar Folgefonn
Razor: Ikon S3S on OSS handle
Blade: Shark Super Stainless
Post: Alum Rub
AS: Floid Blue
AS Balm: Fitjar Folgefonn
[Image: SOTD_20180630.jpg]
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