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I have two simpson brushes (both used during one week) that I want to trade for a Shavemac brush. They are very good brushes, it's just that I prefer Shavemacs.

Simpson Tulip 2
2 Band 22mm Super Badger Brush
Weight 61 gram
Knot size 22 mm super Badger
Hair Loft 50mm
Handle Height 48 mm Faux Ivory handle
Handle diameter 38 m
Total Height 98 mm

[Image: simpson-tulip-2-brush-in-2-band-super-badger.jpg]

Simpson Classic 2 Best Badger Brush
Weight 48 gram
Knot size 23 mm best badger
Hair loft 46 mm
Handle height 41 mm faux Ivory handle
Handle diameter 35 mm
Total height 87 mm

[Image: simpson-classic-cl-2-best-badger-23mm.jpg]

In return I would like a Shavemac brush in good condition with a knot size of 25 or more.

Looking for a silver tip D01 or a silver tip D01 2Band.

Prefer a trade within Europe as the cost of mailing a package outside of europe is rather high (but will ship worldwide if you don't find the postage a problem).

I would like the packages to be send with signed for on both sides to assure arrival. Thanks for looking

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