06-25-2018, 12:02 PM
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This weekend my Better Half and me got in the car and drove over to Old Town Fredrikstad, a beautifully preserved fortified town founded in 1567. The fortifications standing today dates from 1660 to about 1740 - there were older  sconces from about 1630, but those were torn down as a very lovely example of a star fortification was built, with outer works and bastions considered one of the strongest in Northern Europe at the time. Today the area is considered a lovely spot for a walk, with tons of waterfowls in the well preserved moat.

We did off course bring a camera - a Nixon CoolPix P900, which have a pretty damn nice optics built in. Open the images to view them in their full detail Smile

[Image: CIPPDTM.jpg]
[Image: O6thJNg.jpg]
[Image: 9zYauIe.jpg]
[Image: eGzH8NK.jpg]
[Image: 5z0v0cF.jpg]
[Image: PdXz4MR.jpg]
[Image: 7DNs4hA.jpg]
[Image: zW8XRc2.jpg]
[Image: CPpuaQ9.jpg]
[Image: okhhhvM.jpg]
[Image: 8rjGbDe.jpg]
[Image: cQg6ynd.jpg]
[Image: jCSSYm9.jpg]

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 06-25-2018, 01:11 PM
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Simply beautiful. Thanks for the tour.... Smile

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 06-25-2018, 02:45 PM
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Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed the pics.

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 06-25-2018, 02:56 PM
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Nice pictures Hans.  I always enjoy seeing old fortifications.

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 06-25-2018, 02:56 PM
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Beautiful and Historic Hans! Appreciate the share.

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 06-25-2018, 04:52 PM
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Great pictures. Thank you for sharing Hans!

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 06-25-2018, 06:21 PM
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Nice variety of pictures - historical and waterfowl.  Looks like a nice walk.

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 08-09-2018, 08:07 AM
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Man the close ups are spot on the mark. Were you using manual or auto focus on them?

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 08-09-2018, 08:35 AM
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Autofocus the whole way with that camera, it's both fast and - as you see - spot on.

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