06-26-2018, 09:49 AM
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I have 3 Yaqi razors 2 are for sale.

1. The Yaqi (Mellon) is the same head used for all their razors. Double open comb. The head is DLC gunmetal finish which is outstanding. The handle is grade 2 titanium. All these razors shave fantastically considering the price. Blade alignment is perfect. Weight 2.2 oz   The gunmetal head is brand new never used.
Value $45
Selling for $30 with USA shipping included.
[Image: 48KQWQQ.jpg][Image: autO9ar.jpg]

2. The Yaqi red and black. The head is zinc DLC and the handle is brass DLC. Perfect blade alignment. Weight 3.3 oz     Value $ 35 selling for $24 with USA shipping[Image: HGrLj9R.jpg] 

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