06-30-2018, 08:31 AM
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For sale is a Gillette Slim Adjustable I-4 Date Code representing 1963 4th Quarter.  

The razor is cosmetically in a very good condition, it is in excellent mechanical condition with the doors opening and closing smoothly, settings click perfectly and the blade locking turn is good.  The paints in the numbers are in excellent condition.  

US$45 shipping included to Canada and US

[Image: 396a58dd4184b208d5ca0c3accae44c9.jpg][Image: 44c6055d98b12dfc64dcf17addef5541.jpg][Image: 24c432eee8ebd0ed9217cfe404e22f1d.jpg][Image: 24bca69f2d203d0ed2721d9dfdf903bc.jpg][Image: b1b842ab4f9e67c87a0fff114327fa48.jpg]

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