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(The topic line was a famous headline for the 1957 Plymouth automobile.)

While contemplating my own mortality — the linked application for either iOS or Android provides a handy reminder — I am attempting to reduce the clutter in the cabinet above the sink for the future and ultimate benefit of my bride and, presumably, my widow.  

So this morning, I opened and used two packages — both of which I acquired “free” due to other purchases — that have been sitting on the shelf for a while:
  • A サ ビ ス (free) disposable razor kit that I picked up in the onsen of a hotel of the Tokyu chain where we spent a few (pampered) nights this past April; and
  •  A single-use packet of shaving cream bestowed upon me when I purchased a Martian shaving bowl from Aesop (a retail chain) about 17 months ago.
Last things first:  The small foil packet that I received from Aesop contained just enough “Moroccan Neroli” shaving cream for a single shave.  The packet stated that the contents comprise a shave cream of maximum slickness, and slight foam.  The ingredients include sandalwood oil, and the application instructions were to apply the cream with the fingertips to a wet beard and to work the cream into as much foam as might result.  (I followed the instructions.)

The freebie from the (wonderful) bath at the Shimoda Tokyu Hotel was a “single use” KAI brand triple-blade razor, packaged with a small foil envelope of KAI branded ひ げ そり あ と に (after shave).  The KAI razor was a “lite” variant of the Feather Besty3 razor that I reported upon here a couple of months ago.

The Aesop shave cream exceeded expectations.  It did, indeed, produce a slick foam, which was the prelude to a very acceptable shave.  Was it a life-altering experience?  No.  Was it better as a shave cream than Aubrey Organics Men’s North Woods shave cream?  Well, no; a step behind, at least.  Mystic Water and Wholly Kaw need not feel threatened by Aesop.

The KAI “disposable, one-use” razor turned out to be very, very good.  Excellent, even.  It cut cleanly and closely, with zero irritation.  Strictly as a tool to reduce whisker growth and to leave the face unmarred and smooth, it was faultless.  One could easily live with that breed of KAI disposable razor as the only razor one used for the rest of one’s life and have a satisfying daily shaving experience with no lust for “something better.”  And the price — free — would be no deterrent to doing so.

The KAI branded after shave was a FAIL.  Greasy going on, it never became fully absorbed into the skin, and my face felt greasy hours later.  Not recommended.

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Interesting read.  I love the Aesop shave cream.  It works really well when wet shaving with my Norelco or Braun.  The balm is also an excellent product.

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