07-03-2018, 11:34 PM
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Looking forward to selling yet another masterpiece from my den, Jabir by AL Kimiya. A beautiful rose, oud combo which is more wearable, sophisticated and a must have for oud / rose lovers.

This is a retail 50ml bottle and would be 5-6ml short. Exact level in the pics attached. Full Presentation with outer box and cap which itself is an eye candy.

New one retails for 330-350 $. Yours for 190 $ including shipping. You shall be provided a tracking number.[Image: a49dcb429bab9d3e8cda2502f1336da0.jpg]

[Image: b935fe953d620ed2ceb6b9750386451c.jpg]

[Image: d78d42e5a59ba1a1af0920480bb54ea6.jpg]

[Image: c66bef5b422d54e88fc0c1fbcc3c1e25.jpg]

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