07-03-2018, 11:44 PM
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I am curious, and new to honing. I've read that some people use a synthetic progression all the way up to 12k, and then finish on a Jnat . My question is isn't a 12k considered sharper than a very fine Jnat stone? If so wouldn't a man be going backwards if he went all the way up to 12k prior to the Jnat finisher?

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 07-04-2018, 02:47 AM
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Good Day Brother and welcome to honing, I have used a JNAT after coming off a C1K and the shave was excellent, actually that’s how I test out a JNAT is by killing the edge and just use a JNAT to reset the bevel and then progress to finisnh with different slurries but to answer your question there is some info that’s kind of confusing.

A JNAT can be used from start to finish by using say an Asano nagura progression ( botan, tenjyou, mejiro, komo and tomo ) but I personally find it much easier and faster to start with synthetics at the 1K or 4k and then go 4,8 12 or 8,12 and then finish with a JNAT using a tomo slurry and do my final finish on just a hint of slurry, as far as you question on 12k versus JNAT it’s a hard question to answer as JNATS are not assigned a grit level number as it’s a natural stone and with the different strata layers in a stone it’s a guess on the grit so when you here someone say they are selling a 20k JNAT that’s a stone I don’t want to buy as that person is making a bad guess on the grit level.

Generally the harder a JNAT the finer and higher the finish but again that depends on what type of slurry and stone and who’s using it, for instance if I have a LV5 + stone and use a tomo I might get a finish equivalent to a 15-20k finished edge but if you were to use the same stones you might only get a 10-15k finished edge it’s all about slurry and technique but you also have to take into account the type of JNAT as some are tool quality and not razor quality.

I have spent several years using lots of different JNATS and now am only down to using one of two different ones but for speed and to keep the wear and tear off my expensive finishers as I spent many years testing and finding them as they are much more expensive to replace than say a Shapton 12k

Sorry for rambling on but it’s not a simple answer.

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