07-06-2018, 11:16 AM
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Timeless is one of my preferred razor brands, and I have five of them in different configurations.  I've developed some preferences among them, and also intend to try some additional configurations, so I'm letting these two go.

Timeless razors have a sterling reputation on the shaving forums, and I don't need to be repetitive and sell you on their quality.  These are both superb shavers in excellent condition.  No scratches or other cosmetic issues.  I'm the original owner of both razors.  Prices include CONUS or APO/FPO shipping.  PayPal and no trades please.  I have the original boxes, papers and blue cleaning cloths.  Both razors include the matching stand, which is an added $40 option from Timeless . 

Stainless Steel    SOLD

.68, scalloped top, SB base plate, 14 x 85mm barber pole handle, and matching stand.  This is the polished model.  It's a great shaver which I'm letting go only because I prefer the plain top over the scalloped one.

Retail price is $255.

Sale price is $175.


.38, scalloped top, SB base plate, 14 x 85mm handle, and matching stand.  This is also a great shaver.  Although the blade gap is .38, it's a different head design than the stainless and I find it more aggressive than the .68 stainless.  I'm only letting it go because I find it a bit too aggressive for me.   Here is one thread on this razor:


Note:  I have never polished this razor, so it has the natural patina that will develop on any bronze razor.  If you like patina, you're all set.  If you don't like patina, restoring the original shiny brass finish is easy to do with brass polish and a soft cloth. 

Retail price is $170.00.

Sale price is $100.

[Image: DmUfDdf.jpg]

[Image: fC85T1Y.jpg]

[Image: iZ4MyB0.jpg]

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 07-06-2018, 04:25 PM
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Stainless is sold.  Bronze is available.

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 07-06-2018, 04:43 PM
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Beautiful razors! I sent you a PM on the bronze.

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Bronze is sold.

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