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Today I have several items for sale. All prices are inclusive of US shipping. International shipping discussed on case by case basis and will increase price accordingly. Payment by Paypal.  

All brushes in excellent shape with no shedding issues. Just selling to raise funds for other purchases and these items have not see much use lately. Brush measurements should be close and measured with calipers, but are approximate. 

1. Plisson Plexi European White Size 6 - Not in production - $75 - SOLD18/41 mm knot - I got a great deal on this ultra rare brush from another member. This one was a bit of a gateway for me and lead to the purchase of several other Plissons. A great and inexpensive way to sample the vintage Plisson line. Its small, but still generates a great amount of lather. There is a very small chip on the bottom of handle as shown in the photos. 

[Image: Ol5kpGP.jpg]

[Image: hH3ugm1.jpg]

[Image: PZmoFX2.jpg]

2. M&F Style 1 Size 3 Pre-Collaboration Blonde Badger Porcelain Handle - $150 - SOLD 25/52 knot - A wonderful brush that is a "true" Blonde Badger, which is no longer available. Comes with the clear tube that these brushes were coming in from Lee at the time. 

[Image: CcyNGqs.jpg]

[Image: x2EdLCx.jpg]

[Image: I4nieEy.jpg]

3. Simpson Classic 1 Manchurian Cobalt - Not currently available, but retail for similar well in excess of asking - $150 - 22/41 mm knot - Another rare brush that I will likely regret moving on, but call me crazy, I prefer my Classic 1 is best for travel. This brush does not come with a box. 

[Image: 3VWf4br.jpg]

[Image: tQKqqHO.jpg]

4. Rooney Stubby 2 Super Badger - Not currently available, retail for similar Brad Sears would be about $210 - $175 - SOLD 27/42 mm knot - No longer in production and nearly impossible to obtain. I am original owner and it only has 2 uses, so not anywhere near broken in. I prefer my Simpson Chubbies in best and this is a bit duplicative. 

[Image: lgFCRoK.jpg]

[Image: 5Jzjyv1.jpg]

[Image: 5SGlYWL.jpg]

5. Plisson Plexi European White Size 14 - Retail Approx. $420 give or take Euro conversion rates - Asking $300 - REDUCED $265 - SOLD23/56 mm knot - I purchased this brush NOS this year. It is vintage, but no telling how old. I would say about ten years. I have used it twice. The hair is incredible and is very stiff with soft tips. Makes a ton of lather. Cream of the crop as far as brushes go. I've just got some other Plissons I have decided to keep and I'm trying to pair down the collection. 

[Image: pFgqVUI.jpg]

6. Razorock Wunderbar - Retail $130 - Asking $125 - SOLD Only used once or twice and not in a long time. Presents as purchased. 

[Image: blUPeXJ.jpg]

7. Asylum RX - Retail $230 - Asking $175 SOLD- REDUCED $150Only used once or twice and not in a long time. Presents as purchased.

[Image: 9sZfTi8.jpg]

8. Razorock Mamba - Retail $50 - Asking $35 - SOLDOnly used once or twice and not in a long time. Presents as purchased.

[Image: INheQwf.jpg]

9. Merkur 34CHD and Ace Shaving Finest Brush - Retail together About $55 - asking $40 - Brush is 23mm by 57mm. Razor and brush only used once each. 

[Image: rDmprMQ.jpg]

10. Jurgen Hempel Spiral Wave SS Handle - No longer available - Asking $75. SOLDJurgen was one of the first and best guys to start making handles. They were hard to get when in regular production and now nearly impossible. This is one of the most ergonomic handles I've ever used I just dont have any "handleless" heads to put it on anymore. 

[Image: vlbrl6j.jpg]

11. Rocnel Adjustable plus Assorted Blades - Retail $395 + About $20 for all the Blades - Asking $375 - SOLDSerial Number 3, very low. Excellent condition. Comes with assortment of blades that fit the razor so you can see which work for you--Rapira, Voskhod, Sputnik, Ladas, Viking Swords, Feather. Well over 50 in total. I love this razor, but I have the B&R Adjustable that I have decided to keep and this one doesn't come up often enough in the rotation to justify keeping it. 

[Image: vMgG4ZD.jpg]

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Babeando  So awesome hardware here - GLWS

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Reductions on Plisson and RX.

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Only the Simpson, Plisson, and Merkur/Brush remain.

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