07-13-2018, 05:35 PM
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Also willing to trade for Voshkod, GSB or BIC blades, if you happen to have any of those.

Mike's, the Clubman and the V3A head only are left and available for trade.

Maybe it’s our soft NW water, but I’m really liking Mystic Water soap. If you’ve got any unloved MW, I’d like to trade any one of these items for a new or slightly used puck:

-Mike’s Barbershop (95%)

-WSP Summer Breeze (new)

-Maggard V3A head (gunmetal) on MR5 handle

-12 tucks of Gillette Yellows + 2 tucks of Feathers

-16 oz. bottle of Pinaud Clubman (new)

Please just PM, as I won't be checking the thread often.

[Image: ya2YuvQ.jpg]

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