07-14-2018, 03:11 AM
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Gents, I have to many of one size and shape and am looking for a smaller brush.  This 4125 brush retails for $155 at Bullgoose.   I will trade straight up my lovely 2 band Thater in 24mm knot with fan for your smaller knot, 22m or possibly even 20mm depending on knot. I prefer non bulb knots but will consider all . I'm looking for a straight up trade so please they have to be close in value.  If you have something of lesser value and would consider throwing a few bucks in I will consider it . However,I will not contribute any money.  Each side pays shipping.  I canot seem to find the box but will certainly pack and ship securely.  Brush is[Image: f91NKOO.jpg][Image: auZHn1P.jpg][Image: kzv0vz7.jpg] a lovely brush and a non-shedder.   I simply have three other brushes in similar size and shape, including the same Thater with a black handle.  Thanks.

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