07-15-2018, 12:21 PM
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Howdy Y'all!

Started wet shaving about 7 months ago, and after a moth or two learning curve am now getting great shaves.
I started out with a Viking Vulcan purchased of Amazon (a nice, heavy DE razor) and the very mild blades it came with.
Watched a numerous videos on YT from the likes of Razor Emporium, Kensurfs and others, got an education on the "Fundamentals" and terminology.
I'm fairly curtain I have an addictive personality as with other "Hobbies" I dove in and bought a small stable of vintage razors...I now have 6 in the pack with another arriving Monday.
I guess making what some might see as a mundane task, I find enjoyment in wet shaving and experiencing different razor/blade/soap combinations and I'd say it qualifies as another hobby for me.

So here I am, after stumbling onto the link from the Historical Gillette site. Hope to read up a bunch and post a bit as well, and maybe even show off some "acquisitions" as they enter the fold.

- MaxwellG

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 07-15-2018, 12:33 PM
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Welcome to TSN.   We're glad you joined and look forward to your participation.  By all means, show us your acquisitions.  We all like to see the shaving stuff our fellow members have.

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 07-15-2018, 04:06 PM
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Maxwell, welcome to the Nook. I think acquisition disorder is a prerequisite for membership (it's not mentioned, but most members seem to display varying degrees of it).


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 07-15-2018, 04:18 PM
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Hello! Welcome to The Shave Nook forum.

Happy Shaving!

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 07-15-2018, 04:59 PM
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Welcome to the Forum! Enjoy

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 07-15-2018, 06:30 PM
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Welcome to TSN.

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 07-15-2018, 06:47 PM
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Hello, welcome to The Shave Nook.

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 07-15-2018, 08:32 PM
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Welcome to TSN.

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 07-15-2018, 08:56 PM
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Welcome to the Show Maxwell!

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