07-22-2018, 06:12 AM
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This represents my first experience with Catie’s Bubbles, and I chose the shave soap “A Midnight Dreary.”  The poem, “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe is by far my favorite, and so this shave soap seemed to be a great place to start.  

It is a very high performing product that is easy to lather, and it provides extremely nice cushion and residual slickness.  The fragrance however was disappointing.  It was very light, and while it was not unpleasant, it smelled of hints of coconut and sun tan lotion.  This was not in the soaper’s description of the product’s scent.  That being said, I was so impressed with the performance of this soap, that I just ordered the “Purple Grapefruit” shave soap to give this brand another shot to nail it!  

I don’t envy the soapers, because there are so many artisans that are “nailing it” in every category that it is extremely easy to simply move on if one feels a category is lacking for any reason.

I also find myself becoming loyal to Stirling products, which makes it even easier to not try other shave soaps!

Enjoy the pics...one with flash on the iPhone and one without.

[Image: 49yxZh3.jpg][Image: gyUt33F.jpg]

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