07-29-2018, 12:32 PM
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My thought exactly. But I don't mind -20F. It's normally a dry cold then and it's not at all like a humid 32°F. It's much easier to take, but it still requires layers unless one is working.

When I first moved to Maine I was much younger and did anything to earn a living. A neighbor was yarding wood with horses and needed a chopper; I just happened to have a chainsaw. That winter saw temp's down to -3xF. I would start chopping with layers on, but in a very short time I would be down to a long john top and I'd be steaming just like the horses doing the hauling. I was just as warm as could be, heck, I was sweating. But stop for just a few minutes and the layers had to go back on. Cold isn't bad, at least in my opinion, one just needs to dress appropriately. But a humid cold? I can't tolerate that.

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