07-28-2018, 05:18 AM
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Hey Gents,

Recently took delivery of a Ranger XD and thought I would provide some ongoing thoughts as the brush breaks in. My journey believe it or not began about just two years ago when I first put my name on the list to purchase on of these fine brushes. I was astounded when I was contacted by Aldo so long after that I just had to place the order. As I wish to continue to tell the story of this brush over a extended period my initial comments are that this brush is a beast. Is it definitely a competitor to a Simpsons Chubby. My initial run was positive as I found it easy to build a lather although working it into the face was a challenge coming from much smaller brushes. I think like most things the fruits of this brush will come bear over time as the knot relaxes. Despite its density I was very pleased with the fact that there were only 2-3 loose hairs which came free from the initial 3 or so lathers. A testament to the brush maker and definitely something I evaluate my brushes by.

The brush makers comments:

"The new Ranger is very nicely balanced, but achieves it in an entirely different way. The 24mm medium-density knot of the original has given way to a high-density Alpine Grade 27mm knot. The high density of the knot is carefully managed with a loft setting of 54mm, unconventional but riveting all the same. The densely packed Alpine Grade hair provides an incredibly luxurious lathering performance and lather release. It is everything the original was, but amplified many times over."

[Image: vdRzFR3.jpg]

[Image: U5RuJkF.jpg]

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 07-28-2018, 05:25 AM
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That's an awesome looking brush. Good that you were able to score one..

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 07-28-2018, 07:39 AM
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My short list of brushes exempt from any "no buy" committments or bills to pay
1) Varlet Ranger black
2) Paladin (ebonite or another "special" or another "really like")

Impressed with some TSN posts from Varlet years ago - class act!!

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 07-29-2018, 07:25 PM
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Beautiful brush! Enjoy it in good health. Aldo is a gentleman but also an artist, have tried a number of his brushes through friends. His work is not only gorgeous but it's functional. I also admire the original designs, maybe influenced by other shapes but he still came up with his own which must be admired.
Enjoy your brush and please update us on the XD knot

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 08-03-2018, 10:07 PM
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[Image: i3DVtFF.jpg]

Just a follow up picture now that the knot has bloomed a bit. I can tell this brush is going to get better and better.
A little confusion on my part but my brush is actually a HD knot and not the XD know knot. I do not know how you could make a denser brush. Further I do not know whether making it denser would be a good thing. It already is chuuby dense I imagine trying to build and retain any lather on your face would take a great amount of effort with an XD Knot.

For me this brush is shaping up to be the most unique/desirable brush I have used. That is high praise considering I have been fortunate to own some of the best from Simpson, Rooney, Plisson, Kent, M&F & Semogue. That said I am still very much learning the characteristics of this brush and would love to get ideas from gents who typically use a dense brush such as this. At the start I attempted to load a lot but the brush was unwieldy, now I have resorted to less loading with a focus on building my lather at the tips on my face.

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