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Hello all!! I'm posting a gaggle of soaps, so I hope you all find some gems that delight.

Its been a bit for me to have my finger on the pulse of what the values of this stuff is, so if I am off base please speak up via pm.

Prices are shipped within CONUS, PayPal preferred. The more you buy, the cheaper I go of course- I want this stuff gone.

SOLD Martin de Candre Savon a Raser, lathered once, not for me. I believe I bought this for $60 when new and available, I feel $60 shipped is very fair for a 99% tub of this. Sold
[Image: BSuGuKY.jpg]
[Image: 2OeTHiU.jpg]

SOLD!! Barrister and Mann First Snow, TreCitta formulation. Never used, impossible to find. Lavanille TreCitta, never used, unobtainable in TC formula. I think the First Snow was about $18 and the Lavanille $14 at the time, asking $35 shipped since they are new and discontinued. Heck, Will may even buy these from me! SOLD!!!!
[Image: w0tZEPD.jpg]
[Image: tuzQa1E.jpg]

SOLD Barrister and Mann Le Grand Chypre and "42". Le Grand lathered once, didn't love. 42 was used 3 or 4 times, burned me face. Don't remember what they were new, $15 shipped for both. SOLD
[Image: IDr9DZw.jpg]

SOLD!!! Nauvia Blue, 60% soap left. Awesome stuff, was $64 new, $37 delivered and packed well.  SOLD!!!
[Image: X94oa44.jpg]

SOLD!! CRSW Le Chypre Sombre LE bowl and brand new replacement puck. Aint made No Mo'. Erma Gerd. I bought the bowl alone with the refill card from a mod here if memory serves, and I spent extra buying the new puck. $65 shipped is likely a steal. I will pack it to the best of my ability to get it in 2 pieces to you, not 17. SOLD!!!
[Image: tME2k4Y.jpg]

Catie's Bubbles- the old 8oz beastly tubs filled to the top which aren't done like this anymore, except the LE Lavande which is 4oz fill. Rose du Martin, Jardin D'Or, Un Jour Gris, Ocean Grove, and Menage a Lavande. All new and unused. I believe the old 8oz tubs were $20, and the Lavande was in the teens? Easily over a $100 worth of soap. $16 ea.
[Image: RlEKV5V.jpg]

SOLD!!!Queen Charlotte Soaps- Green Irish Tweed Type, and Queen Charlotte. Purchased new before they shut their operations down. Sad, as this is some of the slickest, and most underrated soaps ever. Both new and untouched. Asking what I remember to have paid for them back in late 2016. $28 shipped. SOLD!!!
[Image: Q4kLixV.jpg]

Old Razo Rock-  La Famiglia Don Marco, Cumba Cheech, and Nonno Michelino. Chinati Lavender from the Linea Officina Artigiana line, blah blah. King of the Castle Lavender. Can't remember what they went for new, but they were cheap. Most are unused, and if it was I can barely tell. $20 shipped for all 5 tubs.
[Image: PRWJgp3.jpg]

Old Razo Rock Linea Officina Artigana deep tubs, all NOS unused. Erma Gerd. These came out right after the old black UFO tubs, a big square hunk of hand cut soft soap dropped in a tub... If you haven't tried the Napoleon's Violet, it is a sweetly faint violet with ridiculous glide and cushion. As you can see it was my top fave back in the day as I am letting some of the hoard go here. I was a sick man, I know. 
I have (1) Napoleon's Violet (3 SOLD), (2) Boston Tea Party, (1) Mughetto di Bologna, and (1) Muguet de France. $10 shipped per tub, pm me if you wanna buy a bunch with combined shipping.
[Image: UEVRxi1.jpg]
[Image: KfS9y1c.jpg]
[Image: jXW4ctv.jpg]

SOLD!!! Old RazoRock UFO tubs. The XXX is NOS and sealed. You should have already pm'ed me by now just from the title.... Classic barely used, Cacao used a few times when I realized it was basically Cella.
$30 shipped. SOLD!!!
[Image: qnVdFf5.jpg]

Tabac 4.4oz in milk glass, one in box, both are sealed and new/unused. These retail about $23 each, both a steal for $30 shipped. It smells like grandma's AquaNet, but man this stuff performs!
[Image: Js4Y5uW.jpg]

Super Crazy Brush sale coming, stay tuned.....

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Forgot to post this too, freebies- 1 per person.....
[Image: TyhC1iy.jpg]
[Image: iZ61TfA.jpg]

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Whoa! Solid offerings Jeff! Don’t think I’ve seen one of those CRSW bowls for sale ever..

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 07-29-2018, 02:21 PM
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Thanks Nick, sold updates seen above as they go...

PPF freebie claimed by Steve so far.

Jabonman claimed by Gabe.

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PM sent...some great stuff here! GLWTS!



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Looks like Super Bowl Sunday deals!

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