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I used and liked both their shaving creams (the older version in a tub and the newer caffeine in a tube) and the aftershave balm. I also use their nick stick roll-on style once in a while. So why not try their newest offering, the shaving stick ...

Packaging: it looks like a traditional deodorant stick. If you haven't had your coffee yet, you might apply it to your underarms, but that's OK, you can just shave your armpits too. Not so sure it's great for travel as it can still get a bit messy and you can have some water get in and drip. For travel I still prefer a cream in a tube (e.g. CO Bigelow small tube), twist the cap and done, all secure.

Scent: think spearmint bubble gum, well because it contains spearmint oil.

Lather: applied to face (a bit too much), lathered with a Muhle synthetic. No problem making lather quickly. Not the greatest lather, a bit on the bubbly side for the 1st pass, but I blame it more on being the first time I used it and not knowing what to expect. The lather on the 2nd pass looked much better after the brush sat idle for a bit, I suppose there was too much water when I started.
Shave: went fine, nothing that I haven't seen before. No skin problems, mentioning it because my skin tends to be a bit on the sensitive side, some soaps/creams can burn. Never had any sensitivity problems with their products.

Slickness: they are not kidding calling it "Ultra Slick". It is. Very slick. In fact it's kinda hard to wash it all off your face at the end of the shave, it feels like it leaves a slick film behind. For touchups, just touch the spots with your wet fingers and buff away.

Verdict: usable. However, what it is really really good at is to add slickness to your favorite soap/cream that you may think is lacking a bit in the slickness department. Just glide this stick a couple of times on your wet face and then apply your favorite lather and you solved the problem!

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