04-16-2019, 10:39 AM
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i have more vintage gillettes than i'll ever need. including 40's super speed.  it i don't remember it being as "mistake free" ,but will try again. vintage gillettes will always have a place near and dear to my heart.

the AS-D2 is FREAKISHLY "mistake free".  I'm in 110% agreement with that statement. my first shave with it i purposefully used it hastily because it felt so mild and was rewarded with a DFS 2 pass shave.  i am very surprised  at the performance of a plastic inexpensive razor. +1 on feather razor in feather popular.... its like beer and pizza,  the perfect storm, feels like they were engineered for each other....

i like the idea of test driving the less expensive "clones," or little brothers before buying a nicer razor,  i may just stay with the lesser.  thanks for the 411, good to know about the EJ89/WCS.   i came across a WCS razor in a traveling box and it performed so exceptionally well for an inexpensive razor, i kept it.   I asked about it at another forum with no answer.

i already have a few vintage open combs, i'm trying to find the right blade combination for those.   i still prefer a straight razor shave (wife) and will satisfy the aggression there.  DE shaving is like a mistress for me.

you answered many of my other questions, Thanks.  i think a 6c is in my near future.

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