08-11-2018, 05:36 PM
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Tatara Masamune Razor
Thater Special Edition Brush
Soapy Science Unscented Soap
Floid Aftershave

[Image: Wzc04u2.jpg]

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 08-11-2018, 05:46 PM
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Sunday SOTD
[Image: JnNTWzQ.jpg]
Razor: Wilkinson Empire
Blade: Wilkinson Empire Wedge (D1)
Brush: Shavemac Extra Stuffed D01 24mm Flattop
Bowl: Anself Bamboo 4 ½”
Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGO Lime
Pre-Shave Butter Chatillon Lux Lavender
Shave Soap: Catie's Bubbles Purple Grapefruit
Post: Monster Block Alum
Aftershave: Chatillon Lux Fourth & Pine

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 08-11-2018, 06:40 PM
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Sunday SOTD
August 11, 2018

Blackland Sabre L2
Paladin El Dorado
Route 66 Sweeney Todd Soap and ASB
Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet

[Image: IMG_4240-XL.jpg]

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 08-11-2018, 07:22 PM
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08/12/18 Shave of the Day
Face Wash with The Sudsy Soapery Lavender & Peppermint Soap with Soothing Oatmeal
Crown King Alt-Eleven Shampoo & Conditioner Bar- w/ Prickly Pear, Neem Honey & Yucca Root
Noble Otter Soap Co. Flying Hide Shave Soap
Dogwood Handcrafts Aurora Shaving Brush - 24mm Maggard Synthetic Knot
Creative Flame Pottery Stoneware Shaving Scuttle
Wolfman WR1-DC .61mm Gap Light Blue Anodized Ti Razor with WRH7 Ti Handle 
Bolzano Superinox Blade - 7th Shave
RazoRock Alum Block 
Homemade Lime Infused Witch Hazel
K Shave Worx Saratoga Aftershave
NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Moisturizing Post Shave Balm
The Sudsy Soapery 100% Natural Rain Deodorant

[Image: 4vU83Cf.jpg]

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 08-12-2018, 12:17 AM
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SOTD, August 12
- Bayolea de Penhaligons, repoker: Oil pre-shave, soap, aftershavee splash, balm & EdT.
- Morris & Forndran L7 Jade
- Forgia Pizzi, spanish point, 10/8 (K720, madera india)
[Image: 074349b9afe3324f9770f3e737d56b43.jpg]

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 08-12-2018, 12:30 AM
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Brush Morris & Forndran L7 Tortoiseshell
Soap Nuàvia Rossa
Razor Filomatic + Feather
Lotion and balm AoS Sandalwood
[Image: qt5atVq.jpg]
Felices afeitados.
All the best.

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 08-12-2018, 01:05 AM
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 08-12-2018, 02:53 AM
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[Image: 530176779ee136f6404bf89d5b4334c4.jpg]

SOTD : 12th August

Soap : B&M Cool Reserve
Aftershave : Epsilon Mediterranean Blue
Brush : Vie Long Horse hair
Razor : Rex Ambassador, Gillette Rubie (3)

Out of the entire set up Vie Long brush stole the show. It produced a very slick, protective & shiny lather. Awesome shave overall

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 08-12-2018, 03:07 AM
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Paradigm Titanium 11
Israeli Personna
Simpson Commodore X2 Best
Fine L'Orange Noir Shave Soap
Paul Sebastian Balm
Blue Aqua Velva

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 08-12-2018, 03:19 AM
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[Image: Mxj1Pc9.jpg]
Razor: Timeless Bronze w/ Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Saponificio Varensino w/Ebony wood handle
Soap: SV Opuntia

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 08-12-2018, 03:31 AM
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Sábado 11 Agosto 2018

• Paladin Tut 26mm Graphite
• Meissner Tremonia Dark Limes
• Oneblade Genesis
• Feather FHS
• Meissner Tremonia Dark Limes AS[Image: 2d50f28f94329ea9a993b4ee14e2a3bb.jpg]

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 08-12-2018, 03:47 AM
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Prep: Proraso Aloe & Green Tea Pre-shave Cream
Razor: Asylum Evolution – Polished SS
Blade: Polsilver SI
Brush: H.L. Thäter Premium Boar
Soap: Klar Kabinett
Post Shave: Dickinson's Witch Hazel
ASL: Fine Platinum

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 08-12-2018, 04:06 AM
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Wolf Whiskers Bishop HMW 25x50; A&E Khalifa; Tatara Masamune SB; Personna (USA) #2; Fine Snake Bite AS; Eufros Zanzibar ASB.
[Image: ad6b31b23012c665d203851b6e041c39.jpg]

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 08-12-2018, 04:19 AM
  • clint64
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August 12, 2018
Karve F Plate
ATG LE Shavemac D01 Flat Top
Nuàvia Blu

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 08-12-2018, 04:39 AM
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[Image: 2MxHFBS.jpg]

Pre-Shave: SebaMed, cold water
Razor: Rex Ambassador (3-2)
Blade: Ladas Super Stainless (2)
Brush: Hucklaration
Lather: Mystic Water Bergamot, Cedarwood & Juniper
Post-Shave: Alum, Thayers Original Alcohol Free Witch Hazel, South Australian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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 08-12-2018, 04:52 AM
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Sunday, August 12
[Image: YtFyXM2.jpg]I Coloniali~~Semogue Taj Mistura~~Merkur Progress (1.5)~~Dominica Bay Rum
Have a great day!

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 08-12-2018, 05:27 AM
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[Image: jhofh3O.jpg]

Max Sprecher 8/8 Barber's Notch
Wholly Kaw Monaco 
Saponificio Varesino Paragon Brush

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 08-12-2018, 06:04 AM
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Ginebre full by Luna / Simpsons Chubby 3 / Oneblade / Hierbas de Ibiza [Image: db74b7d2284c9da3e73773e2e8adc893.jpg]

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 08-12-2018, 06:50 AM
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Prep: Warm Shower-Stirling Sandpiper
Soap: Palmolive Cream (Italian)
Razor: Gillette Red Tip Super Speed
Blade: Schick Plus Platinum (7)
Brush: Stirling Boar-24mmx57mm
Aftershave: Anucci EdT

WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)

Palmolive Cream today. 10 seconds to load the Stirling Boar brush. Easy, thick, slick, lather. Schick Plus Platinum still in the Gillette Red Tip Super Speed. Excellent smooth, close, shave. I finished with Anucci EdT.
[Image: SOTD%208-12-18.jpg]

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 08-12-2018, 07:08 AM
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Wonderful shave today with:
Muhle R41 with Astra SS(blue package) #3
Stirling Finest 26mm(I got lucky with this brush, it's as good as my Paladins, M&F, Declarations, and my Varlet).
ToBS Eton College and SV Dolomati superlather.

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