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I have some den clearing to do
 price is  CONUS shipping included  SOLD  Thank you Nookers!!

Three Straight Razors Plus a vintage Illiniois #835 Horsehide /Canvas Dual Strop with Cro-Ox PIC HEAVY  $ 75.00 Shipped to your door

1) Dovo 5/8 Best Quality SR w/butterscotch scales With original box. Retail $100.00- $120.00.Razor is about 2 years old
   Centers perfectly,pins tight. Was shave ready but is starting to pull.Needs a few laps on a 12K+ hone to restore Keen edge

2) Prince Deluxe #38 Japanese  Straight Razor. 13/16, bade measures 2 1/2 "
    Swedish Steel on Tang,,Chemical steel under Logo,Jimps on bottonm of tang.
    Centers perfectly,Pins are tight. Was Shave ready, now starting to pull,Needs a few laps on a 12K+ hone to restore Keen edge

3)Joseph Allen & Sons Sheffield,England NonXLL with barbers Notch 11/16th
  Medium Size Hollow Ground etched on blade,no jimps  
  Centers perfectly, pins tight,scales could be horn ,i don't know. Was shave ready,starting to Pull.Needs a few laps on a 12K+ hone to restore Keen edge.

4)  Illiniois #835 ( 2 1/2 ") Horsehide /Canvas Dual Strop with Cro-Ox, Fast light draw. No nicks or cuts,leather is in great shape
     Small spots near base from age,leather is supple, canvas is firm.it is in the pics

5) Almost new stick of Vialux Green Cro-Ox  .5 Micron ,used once
[Image: eTReXzz.jpg]
[Image: P8HNxJ1.jpg]
[Image: Mj0BSI9.jpg]
[Image: jar7nOz.jpg]
[Image: o3vyiAb.jpg]
[Image: IVOMu5L.jpg]
[Image: v0PPiv9.jpg]
[Image: oyHtY1k.jpg]
[Image: J5RvHCi.jpg]
[Image: qgGGvN6.jpg]

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