08-20-2018, 07:10 AM
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finally finished up my move and am unpacking and I have one more lot to go.

Clubman AS:

Bay rum - used once
Citrus musk - used once

Barrister and Mann AS:

Night Music - used once

Myrsol AS:

Don Miguel 1919 - test splashed once on the top of my hand to smell

Wholly Kaw AS Toner:

Monaco Royale - 70% remaining

Phoenix Artisan Accountements:

High Jump 47 - 85+% remaining 

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream:

Grapefruit - used about 4-5 times

St James Collection Luxury for Sensistive Skin - used 2-3 times 

$99 shipped

[Image: 7YUEVEj.jpg]

[Image: Mfnai96.jpg]

[Image: YCOhNVz.jpg]

[Image: IIq032u.jpg]
[Image: APAhuLA.jpg]

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