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(08-30-2018, 10:39 AM)nikos.a Wrote: Some photos to compliment the thread.
[Image: OmvHvDv.jpg]Along with the Gillette Guard

Some more photos to fill out the discussion:
Disposables vs. “single use” in quality Japanese razors:  

[Image: R0h4Phm.jpg]
From the top:  
•  Feather AS-D2, an all stainless (that is where the “AS” of the model number comes in) razor that retails for >US$150 these days, not including blades;
•  KAI Besty3 EX:  a six pack of these razors retails for the equivalent of about US$1.40 per razor; it is a substantial, albeit plastic, razor, with a substantial feel in the hand;
•  KAI “single use” razor given away free in the anteroom of the communal baths of many Japanese onsen (hot springs) hotels, or as an amenity on the private bathrooms of many regular Japanese hotels; the head pivots, as it does on all of the four razors shown, but this lightweight, almost hollow, razor feels flimsy in the hand.  From my own experience, I think that “single use” is a bit of a misnomer, as the blades are (very sharp) high-grade stainless steel, and I could get four or five good shaves out of one such razor;
•  Feather MR3 neo razor, of which only the cartridge is disposable:  current model handle sells for the equivalent of US$4.57, and a 9-pack of 3-blade cartridges sells for the equivalent of US$13.88. The old style handle (shown) is plated solid metal, and is heavy.

[Image: p5HG8p8.jpg]
Close-up of backs of “single use” razor (top) and Besty3 EX (bottom); it appears that I put the blade guard onto the Besty3 EX from the wrong side of the cartridge; however, it will fit on either way.

[Image: YzawuwH.jpg]
Close-up of the inside of the handles of the “single use” and Besty3 EX razors showing how the latter’s construction incorporates considerably more material.  It is possible to get ten or more good shaves from a single Besty3 EX razor.

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 09-23-2018, 08:43 PM
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no. real shaving is in the long run much cheaper than disposables.

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 09-25-2018, 04:53 PM
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Disposables cheaper than wet shaving?

Gee I don't  know..................
The wife used to put a 10 pack of the cheapest Bics in my Christmas stocking and I'd still  have one or two left come the next Christmas and that was with her stealing two or three over the course of the year vs.  the 14 straights I've got probably $2500 or better into.


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