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All items sold! Please archive.

Hello gents,

I would like to pass along a couple of items that I would like to sell in two lots. Prices include first class shipping and tracking to CONUS. Payment via Paypal (bank account transfer only please, I only have the basic account with them and do not wish to "upgrade" so that I can accept credit card).

Any comments are welcome. Please let me know if you have any questions or if my prices are out of line.

1) Cadet TP-26, boar bristle brush, Arko soap stick and 100 Voskhod blades. $30 shipped, SOLD.

Here's what you will receive: I tried the Cadet and, while I like it and it is in flawless condition, I feel it may be too aggressive for a newbie PIF I was planning for a friend. Quality is on-par with what I've come to expect from Muhle/Edwin Jagger and is better than Merkur. Currently sold out and I paid $27 shipped for it. Wooden handle boar brush with 19mm knot x 50mm loft. Only a couple test handle lathers to get the funk out for you. Legendary Arko shave stick. And 100 of my favorite blades, Voskhods, which go for $12 plus shipping when they are in stock (which they aren't now).

2) Gillette Fat Handle Tech Y4, Whipped Dog 24mm silvertip brush, Truefitt & Hill Luxury soap in stainless Ikea dish, 100 Voskhod blades. $40 shipped.

Here's what you will receive: A very pretty user-grade Tech razor with Tungsten putty weighted handle for much improved feel and performance. I say "very pretty" because the brassing is so symmetric that it has a balanced gold/bronze hue that is very pleasing...actually hard to let this one go. Whipped Dog silvertip 24mm knot set at 48mm loft in a classy tortoiseshell handle (extra cost to have handle drilled lower and tortoiseshell is unfortunately not available anymore through Larry). T&H Luxury soap enjoyed only three times and set in a stainless Ikea dish with clear lid. And 100 of my favorite blades, Voskhods, which go for $12 plus shipping when they are in stock (which they aren't now).

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PM sent on Package #1

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This is a very good deal.

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All items sold, thank you!

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