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Man, I swear, it feels like we were just there a few days ago. Here are some of this years pics.

[Image: bq1sx9y.jpg]

[Image: hvjOJu9.jpg]

[Image: 4TsVqRd.jpg]

[Image: BZrjpAp.jpg]

[Image: VZFLndO.jpg]

[Image: tI7UrWC.jpg][Image: FRty0ST.jpg]

[Image: qDhRTms.jpg]

[Image: zKxqK2E.jpg]

[Image: xANF6Tg.jpg]

[Image: nzfFMkN.jpg]

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[Image: 3wZmACx.jpg]

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I remember that day quite vividly. Fortunately i was in midtown and not downtown. My wife called me at the office around 8 or 8:30AM to tell me a small commuter plane flew into the WTC. I said ok and that I had to get ready for a meeting a few blocks away. Someone had the radio on in the office and it quickly became apparent that it wasn't a small prop plane. My boss still wanted to have the meeting whose purpose I had absolutely no clue. As I walked east from 6th Ave I had a perfect view down to the smoking towers from 6th Ave, 5th Ave and Madison Ave. We had the meeting which never should have happened as someone was trying to sell us something. It should have been cancelled. When we finished the meeting my boss put the TVs on in the conference room and they were showing video of the first tower coming down. I went back to the office, called a close friend of mine who worked across the street and we headed to a pub to drown our sorrows in scotch and watch the events unfold on the bar TVs. I think it was the Pig and Whistle on 47th Street and it was packed.  Not a seat available at the bar.  We knew we weren't getting home anytime soon. After at least 3, maybe 4 drinks we left. My friend decided to just walk downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across to get to his home in Park Slope. I headed west to see if I could catch a ferry to Jersey. When I got there I found the entire downtown-headed lane of the West Side Highway clogged with people waiting "on line" for a ferry. The "line" was easily 12 blocks long if not longer. And eerily, total silence. No one was talking. All eyes were on the smoking coming from where the Towers once stood.  And if anyone was talking they were whispering. No car traffic other than the occasional ambulance, police car or official vehicle with lights flashing. No sirens. The day was exquisite from a weather standpoint. Deep blue skies. Comfortably warm yet no humidity. And the only thing that broke the silence every 20 minutes or so was two fighter jets that would roar across the sky overhead, sometimes banking over us making the noise utterly deafening. It was several hours before I was able to get on a ferry. The really small ones that only fit 50 or so people. Maybe less. Everyone slowly and quietly climbed aboard, in complete silence. And everyone was just riveted on the smoke billowing from the Trade Center site. The entire ferry ride across the Hudson was in complete silence. And there were several Marshall's on board. They were wearing their navy windbreakers that said Marshall on the back. Handguns strapped to their waist in full view. Took the train home from Hoboken, essentially in shock. Got home and put on the news. Watched it for several hours while I continued to down scotch to further numb myself. I really don't remember much after that. I will always remember. Never forget. Tell the story. Forever.

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I remember.....I cannot, will not forget.
I have a story about the effect on lives 100's of miles away.
A week or two after the 11th....A client of mine, advised that it would be her last visit to my office.
I asked why. She was the branch manager for a mortgage company in the Houston area.
All of the executives and staff, records, etc. was in the World Trade Center. Everyone was killed,
she and any and all branches were without leadership or operational info.
I asked her what was she going to do. She said, "Lock the door, walk away and file for unemployment."
I never saw her again.

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It seems that very, very, very few people in the NY/NJ/CT area were unaffected. Your stories don't surprise me.

We lost my brother-in-law and knew three other people who were murdered that day. Two of my colleagues also lost family that day.

Our family was torn to shreds. I won't get into details or specifics other than to say we lost much, much more than just my wife's kid brother. Lonny is my brother-in-law. He was 43 with 2 young sons. Our family has not fully recovered and likely never will.

Pete was Lonny's best friend at work, although we didn't know it at the time. Pete left twin 4 month old daughters who enrolled in my school 5 years later. Our families became close. There's a bond that will never come undone.

John was FDNY, Ladder 11. He was a guitarist like me. His step-daughter was a classmate and very close friend of my younger daughter. They're still in touch with one another.

James was the father of four young girls, two of whom were friends and classmates of both my kids. Also still in contact.

Although bonds were formed our collective and individual losses will never heal.

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