09-09-2012, 03:46 AM
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Gents: I have four DeLong brushes for sale for $23 each including conus shipping. Three of the four have never been used.

They all have 23mm knots. The loft on the two black ones is approx. 56mm, on the silvery one it's approx 60mm and on the imitation antler it's approx 61mm. They all have extremely soft tips and mediocre backbone. Three are brand new - the knots have been soaked in water, but the brushes have never been used. The brush with the imitation antler handle has been used about 6 times. The imitation antler brush is, I believe, silvertip while the others are best. Despite the difference in grade, they are all extremely soft brushes that will work great with creams.

The three brushes with the textured metal handles are extremely easy to grip despite their narrow diameters. The imitation antler has an irregularly-shaped handle that is larger than the others and also easy to grip.


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